We aim to
  • Do great work that has a positive impact on people and organisations
  • Make a real difference on the quality of communication in the businesses in which we work by connecting leaders to employees and by helping to create shared meaning
We believe that
  • Communication is only successful when leader meaning and employee meaning is truly aligned and can, as a result, support appropriate action. While excellent channels, great writing and skilful communication teams can contribute towards this end, by themselves they do not guarantee it. In many cases, organisations waste much money and effort on transmission activity, which looks great, but fails to achieve the all important meaning alignment
  • Organisational culture and national culture are not totally different contexts to be considered and targeted in isolation. We approach culture as a holistic, complex and dynamic web of meanings which shapes communication and at the same time is shaped by it. This enables us to help practitioners make new and deeper connections between culture, communication practice and meaning in organisations
  • There is no single style of effective leadership and no 'one best way' of effective leadership communication; many types of leaders can be effective communicators, as long as they find and use their authentic 'voice' in an appropriate way