OmiliaHirst brings together a number of experienced internal communication practitioners under the direction of principals Sheila Hirst and Domna Lazidou.

Sheila Hirst

Sheila is an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach, combining experience gained from senior management roles in both SMEs and large Corporates, with 25 years in the field of organisational and personal communication and change in the UK and globally.

Sheila specialises in coaching leaders to find and use their authentic voice. She supports key individuals to develop their leadership capability through a greater understanding of themselves and others. As a consequence leaders are better able to clarify their priorities and articulate and share their vision across a global audience in a way that is both engaging and convincing. She also helps leaders and inter-cultural teams connect and engage with each other in order to make the most of their collective strengths.

Domna Lazidou

Domna is a leading internal communication consultant and academic. Her doctoral research conducted at Cranfield School of Management challenges popular theories and practices relating to the influence of culture on intercultural communication and to the role and impact of values communication.

A Greek national based in the UK, Domna has 20 years' experience of advising large, mostly international businesses on how to achieve lasting change through employee communication. Her work includes creating cross-cultural communication competence, evaluating communication effectiveness, developing communication strategies and plans for change and engagement, and training managers to be better communicators, particularly in cross-cultural settings.

Clive Landa

Clive Landa is a British national and, after an extensive career in both senior management and consultancy in the UK, he relocated to the USA in 2004. Clive provides both organisational development services (facilitation, coaching, training and consultancy) and skilled research services (group and one-on-one interviewing, insight and innovation workshops). His focus is on getting improved performance from both teams and organisations.

In addition to his consulting work, Clive is studying for a doctorate at Cranfield School of Management. His research focuses on how managers contribute to employee commitment to their organisation. As employees continue to find themselves affected by change in their organisation, both planned and unplanned, their commitment levels are under increasing pressure. Alleviating and responding to these stresses will become an increasing priority for world-class employers.