New thinking

Our work is based on leading edge research at Cranfield School of Management and Oxford Brookes Business School. Domna’s research has shown how culture influences the relationship between actual communication practice and the effectiveness of that practice in multinational organisations. Sheila's work explores how different coaching approaches can develop the profound self and other awareness and skills mastery which leaders need to form powerful and engaging connections with their colleagues. Together these two research projects have informed our methodology which is based on diagnosing, understanding and influencing the relationship between leadership messages, the way employees respond to these messages and the specific cultural drivers which determine how such messages are framed, understood, shared and encourage action.

Authentic Leadership Communication across Cultures

New Findings

Authentic Leadership Communication Across Cultures: Effective Practices and how to develop them

Omilia Hirst’s new empirical research is now complete. It illuminates key ideas around leader authenticity and intercultural communication competence and the connection between the two. It provides useful insights and practical examples for leaders of multicultural organisations and the HR and communication practitioners who support them.

Next steps

The research issues a challenge: Is authenticity only about personal communication, or can we use the media skills and processes at our disposal to amplify authenticity? If yes, how do we do this? The dialogue to answer this question begins here.

If you wish to read the report and contribute to this discussion, please contact us.