Measuring engagement

Evaluate and improve communication activity and spend

We use rigorous quantitative and qualitative methodologies, including our exclusive Cultural Connections Diagnostic™ to audit existing communication practice and assess its impact on organisational culture, performance and engagement.

More specifically we can tell you if and how your communication:

  • Supports your business objectives
  • Contributes to employee clarity and engagement
  • Shapes and maintains the desired culture
  • Adds value to your organisation
  • Targets the right audiences in the most effective way
  • Meets your stakeholder expectations
  • Uses your budget effectively
  • Meets the standards of 'best practice' organisations

We use audit findings to help you to:

  • Create a practical, measurable strategy which supports the business objectives
  • Design a step by step communication and engagement action plan, underpinned by the strategy
  • Design, pilot and evaluate communication channels and processes
  • Up-skill your team to manage strategy, planning and evaluation in-house