Enabling Change

Articulate and share the change vision and engage employees to deliver transformational results

Our experience has taught us that many change communication programmes fail to address the complexities of real organisational transformation, because they adopt a primarily linear, facts focused approach to the implementation and communication of change. Using our Cultural Connections Diagnostic™ to understand how employees respond to change messages and the deep cultural reasons which drive these responses, our work focuses precisely on addressing the complexity and unpredictability of change and on equipping leaders and managers to understand and deal with unexpected outcomes, emotional and subconscious responses and organisational ambiguity.

Specifically we offer:

  • Visioning workshops: Facilitated workshops with the leadership team to articulate the change vision using coaching, visualisation, metaphor and story telling techniques
  • 'Big picture' conversations to share the change vision with employees, achieve clarity, encourage dialogue and generate commitment
  • 'Change agent' manager sessions: to increase manager communication capability and effectiveness in managing change
  • Change communication evaluation and change communication strategy and planning
  • Individual leader and team coaching