Cultural ConnectionsTM Workout

Maximise cross cultural team effectivenes

What it is

A one day team coaching session tailored to your organisational needs.

Who it is for

  • Remote multicultural teams
  • Project teams - including start-ups and temporary/transitional teams
  • Virtual teams who need to connect quickly and efficiently

What you get

A boost to fast-track powerful team performance. We facilitate managers and their cross-cultural teams working together on live issues, priorities and relationships in the place it needs to happen - the workplace.

Your team will leave the session with a strong sense of connection, able to:

  • Articulate a clear common purpose
  • Understand how each others' cultural assumptions and expectations impact behaviour beyond simple national stereotypes
  • Apply the team’s diverse strengths to the challenges in hand
  • Work more effectively and creatively together to address key objectives and goals
  • Focus on clear action plans
  • Utilise options for on-going coaching to maintain momentum