Cultural ConnectionsTM Masterclass

Drive communication and culture change

What it is

A half day interactive workshop tailored to your organisational needs.

Who it is for

Communication, HR and change teams who want to know how to use effective communication to drive culture change.

What you get

This session will give your team the knowledge to:

  • Challenge existing engagement and culture myths
  • Optimise their values communication whether new or existing
  • Tailor or fine tune their communication practice to address cultural challenges and differences

We tailor each session according to the team’s needs, but likely content will cover how to:

  • Connect culture and communication to shape meaning and drive performance
  • Understand and influence the way culture shapes employee responses to values communication
  • Plan and drive effective values campaigns
  • Plan and deliver communication relevant to multicultural employee audiences
  • Measure culture in a relevant and timely way
  • Influence leadership thinking around culture management