Cultural ConnectionsTM Diagnostic

Uncover your organisational DNA

What it is

An in depth qualitative research tool which unearths the critical relationships between culture, communication and engagement and the way they impact performance.

Who it is for

HR, Marketing, Communication & Change teams who want to:

  • Map their company culture or benchmark the progress of culture change
  • Understand employee responses to key messages and how they can adjust their communication to make a bigger impact
  • Test how well organisational values are embedding and why
  • Assess the effectiveness of their communication practice in relation to their culturally diverse workforce
  • Explore in depth a particular aspect of regular culture or engagement audits

What you get

Sharp insights and recommendations around:

  • Why change or engagement efforts are failing
  • Levels of acceptance/rejection of key leadership messages, including organisational values
  • Disconnect between leader and employee narratives about what is important, how things are done and why
  • Signals of any key changes in attitude/motivation to a current issue, challenge or strategy
  • Cultural roots of prevalent behaviours/attitudes/motivations and how they can be influenced
  • Focused and tailored communication activity to influence culture and impact performance