Building Cross-Cultural Effectiveness

Increase intercultural communication competence to support effective intercultural working

Culture affects communication – what we say, how we say it, what we don't say, how we understand each other. Communicators and managers are well aware that this is so, but the implications for internal communication management in multinational organisations are not yet clear. Advice to managers is confusing, ranging from "don't worry too much about culture" to rigid cultural prescriptions – eg "this is how to communicate with the Germans or the Chinese". In practice, neither approach is useful to managers who need to understand how the cultural context influences meaning in their organisation and how their and their audiences’ cultural influences enable or inhibit effective communication in different organisational contexts.

We use new research findings and our expertise in coaching and training to design and deliver effective cultural awareness and cross-cultural communication skills programmes for four distinct audiences:

  • Expatriate leaders
  • Managers of cross-cultural teams, including virtual teams
  • Multinational, multicultural teams, particularly those working remotely
  • Communication and HR professionals in multinational organisations who need to design and manage effective communication for culturally diverse audiences

Check out our Cultural Connections Workout and Cultural Connections Masterclass which can be tailored to your needs