Amplify Leader Authenticity

Enhance the authenticity and power of the leadership voice to drive employee engagement

Leaders play a pivotal role in shaping meaning and culture in organisations, not only by what they say and how they say it, but also by how and when they act. Not all leaders are gifted communicators, but all leaders have a profound influence in their organisation, whether they intend it or not.

We work with individual leaders and leadership teams to help them understand how their communication shapes their organisations and influences employee engagement and to help them discover their own effective and authentic communication voice. In other words to develop a way of framing their formal and informal messages which allows them to remain true to themselves, while creating clarity and direction for their employees and consistency across the leadership team.

We use our Cultural Connections Diagnosticâ„¢ to help senior leaders see how others see them and through intensive coaching conversations , develop the self awareness, confidence and capabilities to shape their communication expertise.

Our support can be for the individual or team and includes the following:

  • Just-in-time sessions to support leaders through specific activities, eg change announcements
  • Developmental sessions for individual leaders who want to enhance the power of their communication with:
    • existing colleagues and teams
    • new colleagues and teams
    • multicultural and virtual teams