• Enabling Change We help leaders articulate and share the change vision and motivate employees through ambiguity and complexity to achieve transformational results
  • Shaping Culture We help you understand how your culture influences organisational performance; we use powerful communication interventions to help shape engaging cultures driven by clear shared values
  • Building Cross-Cultural Effectiveness We help multinational companies drive performance by supporting international managers and cross-cultural teams to develop their communication effectiveness
  • Amplifying Leader Authenticity We coach and support leaders to develop the power of their authentic communication voice
  • Measuring Engagement We evaluate communication activity against your business objectives; how your communication spend adds value and how it can be enhanced

Building performing cultures through communication

OmiliaHirst works with organisational leaders to help drive change, create engaging cultures, and improve the effectiveness of communication across functional, geographical and ethnic boundaries.

Our work is based on extensive experience in communication practice and on original, ground breaking research in culture, communication and authentic leadership voice. These inform our working philosophy and directly influence five key areas of practice which support the building of communication competence and drive organisational effectiveness.

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